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New blog

Thank you for visiting my blog.  My blog has moved to this address:


I’m mainly writing about my Filofax, but I also write about my paintings and kawaii/cute items.

I hope you like my new blog!


❤For any enquiries❤



Went to Japan Centre :)

I’ve been very busy with  Christmas orders, but I had to go to London with my husband for 3 days, and I just got back to Southport last night.   And now I’m even busier…!!

In London, I went to Japan Centre on Regent Street and bought these↓↓↓ 🙂

  It’s been a while since I ran out of the miso my sister sent to me from Japan, and I’m so happy that I can have some miso soup again!!  I can get miso in Liverpool,but it’s so expensive there 😦

I forgot to take a picture of Japan Centre so this is what I took last year↓.

The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square↓

I really miss drawing/painting and I really hope I can paint again soon, but maybe not for a while…(><)!

♥You can see my paintings HERE (prints) and HERE (originals)♥

New Addition! Japanese Personalised Kokeshi Doll Stationery Gift Set: Name in Japanese

This gift set is no longer available, I’m sorry 😦

But instead of that set, I  just put up a NEW gift set here!↓↓↓

If you’d like to order this gift set click ❤HERE❤ to see more details on Japan Corner Online Shop 😉

Price: £4.99  + P&P

Personalized Japanese Cute Kawaii Kokeshi Stationery Gift Set Keychain Notebook Stickers


This set includes:

1) 4x writing sheets (2 patterns)
Size: 18.5cm x 13cm
*Printed on high quality hp premium choice paper (100 gsm)

2) 2x matching envelopes (2 patterns)
*Printed on high quality hp premium choice paper (100 gsm)
Size: 14.5cm x 10.5cm

3) 1x personalised keyring with your name in Japanese & English
Size: 4cm x 3cm (plastic part)

4) 4x personalised stickers with your name in Japanese & English
Size: 4.5cm x 2.5cm
*Printed on high quality glossy adhesive paper

5) 1x kokeshi doll sticker

Size: 4.5cm x 2.5cm
*Printed on high quality glossy adhesive paper


This super cute personalised gift set would definitely make a great Christmas gift!!

You can see more personalised items at Japan Corner Online Shop↓↓↓

Japan Corner Online Shop

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