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Japanese Painting/Illustration ‘Traditional Clothing Shop in Asakusa, Tokyo’

☆You can purchase this print HERE!☆
‘Traditional Clothing Shop in Asakusa, Tokyo’
Print 5×7″-
Thank you very much for looking at my painting!  This is a limited print of my original work ‘Traditional Clothing Shop in Asakusa, Tokyo’.
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Asakusa is located in Taito-ward, Tokyo and it’s one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo.  If you walk straight on Kaminarimon-Dori after getting off the train at Asakusa station, you’ll see Kaminarimon Gate on your right side. 

Once you walk through the gate you are on this lively shopping street called Nakamise-Dori (Nakamise Street).  Nakamise-Dori is one of the oldest shopping arcades in Japan and it extends for about 250 meters from Kaminarimon Gate to Hozo-Mon Gate.  89 shops line this lively street selling sweets, snacks, traditional crafts, souvenirs and so on.

If you walk through Nakamise-Dori you’ll see a side steet called Denpoin-Dori (伝法院通り) on your left side.  The shop in my painting is located on this street. 

There are a lot of male shirts and jinbei (traditional Japanese clothes) hanging in a very small space and you can also see many zori hanging at the front.  Zori are Japanese sandals similar to flip-flops, and they are usually made of rice straw, other plant fibers and so on.

This intricate piece will give your room a hint of Japan!  It’s printed on 5×7″ premium glossy photo paper and it’s signed and numbered on the back.  I will carefully wrap your piece in a plastic sleeve and send it in a hardback envelope.  Frame is not included.

Thank you for looking!



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