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New 5×7″ Print: ”Japanese Kimono Girl with a Temari”

”Japanese Kimono Girl with a Temari”
Print 5×7″-
You can purchase this print HERE at Japan Corner Online Shop!
Thank you very much for looking at my painting. I’m a Japanese artist living in the UK. I create illustrations using a variety of ink and watercolour on finest quality paper.

This is a limited print of my original work
‘Japanese Kimono Girl with a Temari’.
This piece depicts a Japanese girl wearing a beautiful black silk kimono (furisode) for Coming of Age Day in January.  A silk embroidered temari ball is next to the girl’s foot.
Coming of Age Day celebrates the beginning of adulthood in Japan (turning 20 years of age).  Furisode is a long-sleeved kimono worn by unmarried women in Japan.
*Frame is not included.
It’s printed on 5×7″ premium glossy photo paper and protected in a clear plastic sleeve.(Signed and numbered on the back.)
My paintings (original & prints) are available here ↓↓↓

Japan Corner


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