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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Cusotom Japanese Calligraphy ‘Your Name in Japanese’

I usually don’t watch Japanese TV dramas, but because it seemed like everyone in Japan was talking about it I started watching it as well.  It’s called ‘Kaseifu no Mita’, and it means, ‘Mita, The Housekeeper’.   I got sucked into this strange story so easily,  and the episode 10 was just aired yesterday (Wednesday) in Japan.  (I just watched it on the internet!)  The episode 11 is the finale, and I don’t know what to do after it finishes next week as it’s been my weekly enjoyment, sob..!!

Changing the subject, I put up two calligraphy pieces I did for my customer in my last post, and here is another piece which I did most recently for a lovely gentleman in Turkey!

I handbrushed his Turkish name in Japanese katakana letters on A5 size (half size of A4) white card and carefully decorated it with fine gold colour outline stickers.  (Probably it’s hard to see the gold outline stickers in the image.)   Then I mounted it on A4 size (210mm x 297mm / 8.3″ x 11.7″) black card, so you’ll just need to prepaer an A4 size frame to pop it in!  The item is called ‘Your Name in Japanese’, and you can order it here↓

I will use quality Japanese sumi ink and calligraphy brushes to create your piece.  I will wrap your piece in a plastic sleeve and send it in a hardback envelope 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Custom Japanese Calligraphy

I’d been very busy with Christmas orders but I think it’s finally passed the peak, and I can’t wait to start painting again!  Also I have some ideas for new items, and I want to work on them as well 😉

I cooked Tonkatsu tonight, both my husband and I loooove tonkatsu 🙂   Tonkatsu is a pork cutlet, and I put Japanese tonkatsu sauce over it which I bought at Japan Centre in London.  (My last post→Went to Japan Centre)

By the way, one of the most popular items in my shop is personalised original calligraphy.
I use quality Japanese sumi ink and calligraphy brushes to create a piece just for you 🙂

This is the latest piece I did for this lovely lady who lives in England.

The big symbol in the centre means ‘LOVE’ and it’s pronounced ‘ai’.  It says ‘Dear XXX’ on the right side and ‘From XXX’ on the left side.

She ordered two personalised pieces and this is the second piece:

The four symbols in the centre can be pronounced ‘Sho-Mon-Rai-Fuku’ and it can be translated as ‘Smile invites good fortune’.

sho 笑 – smile
mon 門 –  gate/entire family
rai 来 – come
fuku 福 –  good fortune/happiness

I handbrushed the name she requested on the right side to make it personalised 🙂

If you’d like a personalised calligraphy piece for yourself you can order it  here↓↓↓.

1) Japanese Calligraphy Commission A4 size
2) Japanese Calligraphy Commission A3 size

It will handbrush anything you’d like on quality white card.  Then I will carefully wrap your piece in a plastic sleeve and send it in a hardback envelope by Royal Mail First Class.  (Royal Mail Airmail for outside the UK.)

Went to Japan Centre :)

I’ve been very busy with  Christmas orders, but I had to go to London with my husband for 3 days, and I just got back to Southport last night.   And now I’m even busier…!!

In London, I went to Japan Centre on Regent Street and bought these↓↓↓ 🙂

  It’s been a while since I ran out of the miso my sister sent to me from Japan, and I’m so happy that I can have some miso soup again!!  I can get miso in Liverpool,but it’s so expensive there 😦

I forgot to take a picture of Japan Centre so this is what I took last year↓.

The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square↓

I really miss drawing/painting and I really hope I can paint again soon, but maybe not for a while…(><)!

♥You can see my paintings HERE (prints) and HERE (originals)♥

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