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Homemade sushi!

I’m currently working on this painting 🙂  I haven’t decided what to put around the girl yet.

Because my British husband requested, I made a lot of sushi tonight!   This is just a part of it↓, I made a lot more!!  I put some sliced onion with a bit of mayonnaise on top of some smoked salmon.  I also put some sliced onion with carpaccio sauce on some pieces.  Sounds weird??  But I had salmon like that at a kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurant in Japan and I loved it.  I only used smoked salmon tonight, but I love ikura, ebi, hamachi, saba, engawa, tako…etc.

I’m going to work on the painting now, hope I can put it up in my shop very soon!

You can see some of my paintings here↓↓↓

Ink & Watercolour Paintings: Japanese Geisha Girls in Kimonos / Traditional Japanese Buildiings

My shop↓↓↓

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