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New painting: Shichi-Go-San (Seven-Five-Three)

I completed one painting today, and I’d like to show it to you 🙂  This little girl is wearing a kimono for the Shichi-Go-San (Seven-Five-Three) celebration.  The piece itself measures 22 cm x 14 cm and I carefully mounted it on A4 black card.  The letters on the right side (七五三) say Shichi-Go-San.

Shichi-Go-San means Seven-Five-Three, and Japanese people celebrate it on November 15th for their three- and seven-year-old girls and three- and five-year-old boys to pray for their good health and growth.

I’m not sure if I’m going to put this one up in my shop yet, because there is a local small exhibition next month, and I’m thinking of exhibiting some of my work.  I need 5 to 6 pieces and I haven’t decided which one I’m going to exhibit yet.

It was my first time to add a cat in my painting and I’m really happy with the result 🙂  Being a cat lover I think I’m going to add a cat (or even cats?) in my paintings more often from now on.

By the way, Kojiro is my family’s cat and he’s living with my dad in Japan.  I miss him so much and I just really hope that he’ll stay healthy and live long for us.

He likes the handle of the staircase↓

This was taken on the super hot day in the summer. He’s melting…lol

Oh, by the way, there is a painting of me and my sister wearing kimonos for the Shichi-Go-San celebration.  (I was 7 and my sister was 3 at the time)  You can see it here⇒Japanese Kimono Girls

Bye for now!

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