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Monthly Archives: October 2011

New! Japanese Cute Kokeshi Doll Calendars for 2012

I just put up the new calendars in my shop!  They are handmade mini wall calendars for 2012 and 3 colours are available: Blue, Pink and Yellow 🙂

They are all designed by me, and I make them one by one after receiving an order.  They are printed on quality glossy paper (220 gsm) and hot laminated, fixed with a paper calendar tab.

SIZE: 9cm x 12.5cm

£2.79 + 99p P&P

You can purchase there calendars here↓↓↓

★Japanese Cute Kokeshi Doll 2012 Calendars★

Thanks for looking!

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Working on the 2012 calendars

It’s already the end of October, and I started thinking about some designs of the 2012 calendars 🙂  Well, there are so many other things which have to be done, but I reeeeally wanted to make calendars today!  I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved calendars 🙂  When I was in Japan I used to go to the nearby LOFT  and got so excited to look around super cute and colourful calendars for the next year!!

Anyway, I finally finished designing this evening and prepared all the materials I needed like calendar tabs, glossy paper, lamination pouches…etc.  I was all excited at the beginning, but!  It wasn’t as easy as I thought and took ages!  I hope I can finish them tomorrow so I can take photos and put them up in my shops.

But before that, I’m gonna have to run to the craft store once again tomorrow morning to buy a tool for the metal eyelets I’ve already bought.   I didn’t know that I needed a special tool to apply them onto paper!

I will announce it here once I put these calendars up in my shops 🙂

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New item: Cute Handmade Notebook & Stickers Set!

I created these characters called Sushi Boy & Sushi Girl a while back, and I decided to make a notebook & stickers set using those characters 🙂  I’ve been quite busy these days, but I managed to put it up in my online shop just now.  Phew!


Sushi Boy & Sushi Girl

Sushi Boy’s got tuna on his head and Sushi Girl’s got salmon on her head, hehe 🙂


Here is the mini notebook & stickers set↓↓↓

Sushi Boy & Sushi Girl Notebook with Stickers!

£3.99 + P&P

Japanese Cute Kawaii Sushi Boy & Girl Notebook & Stickers Set

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New addition! Japanese Kimono Girl with her Cat 5×7″ Print

New addition to Japan Corner!

‘Japanese Kimono Girl with her Cat’  5×7″ Print

£3.99 + P&P

This print is available ⇒ ★here★

I’m working on a new painting now and hope I can show it to you soon 🙂

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New geisha girls painting on A4 size paper

Gosh, my hotmail account suddenly got blocked yesterday morning and it’s still blocked!!  I’m in big trouble now as I use that account for a lot of my online business.  I’ve tried everything to unblock the account but none of them worked 😦  Now I’m waiting to hear from msn (I asked a question in their forum), but are they really going to reply to my question??  (I hope they will!!)  It’s been super frustrating, but the only thing I can do now is to stay

P A T I E N T…!!  Agrrr!!!

Anyway, even though I’ve been feeling really stressed out because of that, I completed one painting yesterday for the upcoming exhibition 🙂























I’ve done some similar ones in the past, but this one is done on A4 size paper.  I usually use A5 size paper (it’s quite small), so compared to my other paintings this one is really big.  I  mounted it on gold card first (slightly bigger than A4 size) and then mounted it on A3 size black card, so it looks like it’s got a gold border around it.












It looks pretty nice in a new frame I bought today, and I wish you could see it too! 



My shop↓↓↓

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